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Benq - Benq BL2420U

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Benq BL2420U. Dimensioni schermo: 59,9 cm (23.6"), Luminosità schermo: 300 cd/m², Risoluzione del display: 3840 x 2160 Pixel. Versione dell'hub USB: USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1), Connessione cuffia: 3,5 mm, Versione USB: 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1). Potenza in uscita (RMS): 2 W. Colore del prodotto: Nero, Colore piedi: Nero. Tempo medio tra guasti (MTBF): 60000 h




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    Benq BL2420U 23.6" 4K Ultra HD IPS Nero

    60.96 cm (24 ") IPS, 3840x2160 UHD, 16:9, 300cd/m2, DCR 20M:1, DVI-DL, HDMI1.4, HDMI2.0, DP1.2a, 3 x USB 3.0

    Designed for Professionals
    The BL2420U, 24" 4K2K ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution monitor with built-in 100% sRGB, IPS technology and exclusive CAD/CAM, animation and low blue light modes for designers to improve design efficiency.

    Professional Monitors Engineered for Design Precision

    100% sRGB with IPS Technology
    Every color is delivered with the finest precision in every detail and at every possible viewing angle for a great viewing experience. With a 10-bit panel that renders more than one billion hues, every image is displayed with the richest, liveliest colors.

    - 178°/178° Ultra-Wide-Viewing Angles:
    For a faithful visual display of truly authentic colors and details from virtually any perspective – left, right, above and below.

    - 100% sRGB with Ultra-Vivid IPS Technology:
    For images that exceed the color performance of standard 72% NTSC monitors with exceptionally rich hues and vibrant tones.

    - Color Shift-Free Display:
    For the most consistent color definition with reduced visibility of color shift between normal and oblique viewing angles.

    Professional CAD/CAM engineers and designers work with extremely detailed information, making superb display clarity and color accuracy absolutely vital for ensuring design precision. BenQ’s BL Series offers a number of display solutions for maximized display performance, including the CAD/CAM Mode to bring out even the smallest details to view for Pro/E, SolidWorks, AutoCad, CATIA or other CAD/CAM software. Recognizing the multi-tasking and collaborative nature of the work, thoughtful features that support a wide range of viewing options are included to ensure high productivity can be preserved while users run a number of tasks simultaneously or compare and discuss design work with colleagues.

    CAD/CAM Mode
    For clearly distinguished details in complicated object wireframes, switch on the CAD/CAM Mode to alter the monitor’s color and contrast settings to view highly detailed graphic information without ever missing a line again.

    SolidWorks Certification
    SolidWorks Certification Being a Solidworks Solution partner translates to display excellence certified to be of professional standard for CAD/CAM software users.


    Professional animators work to breath life into moving art, making even the tiniest detail paramount to delivering lively creations. To answer the visual demands of the most sophisticated animators, BenQ BL Series monitors give you uncompromising accuracy consistency for displaying every shade of colors through a wide range of optimized image calibration settings, including the brightness-enhancing Animation Mode. There is also a multitude of viewing features incorporated into the monitors to simultaneously display all the information needed for making color adjustments. So no detail can escape the eyes of its creator!

    Animation Mode
    To make distinguishing detailed textures in darkened areas easier, BenQ developed the Animation Mode to enhance the brightness in dark areas of the artwork – without overexposing bright areas. This allows animators to fine-tune their animation creation effortlessly.

    10-Level Animation Mode Adjustment
    10 levels of display brightness adjustment reveal details in darkened areas for the most precise design.


    Color accuracy and a clear line of view are of utmost importance for anyone working in the field of professional video editing. BenQ BL Series offers a wonderful range of 100% sRGB monitor with a resolution of QHD and 4K2K UHD to give you crisp and clear viewing quality accompanied by true, lifelike colors. The large viewing space combined with optimal viewing prevision give video editors full access to all the editing tools, applications and images they need to work with. So they can perform every task with maximized efficiency.

    REC. 709 Optimal Color Precision
    A selection of BL Series monitors are built to cover REC. 709 color space, which is well known as the standard format for HDTVs. A native REC. 709 color gamut ensures that every color is faithfully represented with optimal precision.

    A high-quality monitor with high resolution, high color accuracy and fidelity and a wide range of high-speed connectivity options is what makes a perfect companion for professionals in the graphic arts industry, including graphic designers, retouchers and photographers. Featuring the high resolution at 2560x1440 with 100% sRGB and BenQ’s advanced IPS technology, the BL Series showcases consistent, reliable color results with every detail precisely rendered for a brilliant viewing experience from virtually every perspective. A variety of connectivity and view options also enables users to work with multiple devices and perform complex multi-tasking work with ease.

    Quarter-High-Definition Resolution
    A 2560x1440 quarter-high-definition (QHD) resolution offers over 77% working space comparing with 1920x1080 FHD.

    Thoughtfully Designed - Do More with Your Large-Sized Display

    Desktop Partition
    With the aid of BenQ’s Display Pilot software can be displayed at once with your desired proportions to enable better multitasking. *Display Pilot Software and Windows OS required

    Ergonomics at Work - For Maximized Design Convenience & Comfort

    Ergo Monitor – HAS
    An extensive range of monitor adjustments – height, tilt, pivot, stroke and swivel – tailor your own unique working station that is best suited for your height and viewing habits with a maximum 140mm distance between the screen bottom and the base.

    Auto Pivot detects the movement of the monitor and dynamically rotates the contents displayed for flexible landscape or vertical viewing without utilizing Windows or graphic card settings.
    *Display Pilot Software required

    Eye-care Protection - Because Your Eye Health Matters

    BenQ Proprietary Flicker-free Technology
    The BL Series are newly upgraded with the incorporation of BenQ’s proprietary Flicker-free Technology to eliminate backlight flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reduce eye fatigue. Conventional LCD screens flickers 200 times per second. The flickers may not be detectable by your eyes but they can certainly feel the flickering. So it is important to relieve your eyes from the stress caused by a flickering screen – and keep them nice and fresh when you are working on new designs.

    Exclusive Low Blue Light Modes
    Every monitor produces a strain of blue spectrum light that is harmful to the human eye, with the possibility of leading to eye damage, eyestrain, headaches and sleeping disorders. To reduce blue light exposure and allow a healthier time spent in front of the computer, BenQ introduces four preset Low Blue Light Modes via its exclusive Low Blue Light technology. Accessible from the OSD hot key, the Low Blue Light Modes include:
    - Multimedia Mode (30% Blue Light Reduction) to maintain the highest image quality and sufficient blue light reduction while displaying photos, videos, animation and other media.
    - Web-surfing Mode (50% Blue Light Reduction) to optimize the experience of reading webpages containi.
    - Office Mode (60% Blue Light Reduction) to ensure better eye health and comfort while boosting productivity for word processing, emailing and other everyday office tasks.
    - Reading Mode (70% Blue Light Reduction) to simulate the look of real paper for ebooks, long documents, or any other type of reading material that requires the user’s full attention for long periods of time.
    Dimensioni schermo 59,9 cm (23.6")
    Luminosità schermo 300 cd/m²
    Risoluzione del display 3840 x 2160 Pixel
    Tempo di risposta 4 ms
    Tipologia display LED
    Tipologia HD 4K Ultra HD
    Tecnologia display IPS
    Rapporto di contrasto 1000:1
    Rapporto di contrasto (dinamico) 20000000:1
    Angolo di visualizzazione (orizzontale) 178°
    Angolo di visualizzazione (verticale) 178°
    Colori del display 16,78 milioni di colori
    Rapporto d'aspetto nativo 16:9
    Formato 16:9
    Dot Pitch 0,136 x 0,136 mm
    Range di scansione orizzontale 30 - 140 kHz
    Intervallo di scansione verticale 24 - 76 Hz
    Dimensione visibile, orizzontale 52,1 cm
    Dimensione visibile, verticale 29,3 cm
    Gamma di colori 100%
    Versione dell'hub USB USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1)
    Quantità di porte downstream di USB Tipo-A 3
    Porta DVI
    Quantità porte HDMI 2
    Quantità DisplayPorts 1
    Ingresso audio
    Uscite per cuffie 1
    Connessione cuffia 3,5 mm
    Versione USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1)
    Altoparlanti incorporati
    Fotocamera integrata
    Sintonizzatore TV integrato
    Numero di altoparlanti 2
    Potenza in uscita (RMS) 2 W
    Subwoofer incorporato
    Microfono incorporato
    Colore del prodotto Nero
    Colore piedi Nero
    Lettore di schede integrato
    Tempo medio tra guasti (MTBF) 60000 h
    Sistema operativo Windows supportato
    Compatibilità sistema operativo Mac
    Thin Client
    Thin client installato
    Collegamento in rete
    Collegamento ethernet LAN
    Montaggio standard VESA
    Angolo di rotazione -45 - 45°
    Inclinazione regolabile
    Inclinazione -5 - 20°
    Regolazione altezza
    Regolazione altezza 14 cm
    On Screen Display (OSD)
    Interruttore integrato
    Gestione energetica
    Consumi 58 W
    Consumi (modalità spento) 0,5 W
    Consumi (modalità risparmio energetico) 0,5 W
    Certificati di sicurezza
    Certificazione Energy Star
    Conformità EPEAT Argento
    Certificazione TCO 6.0
    Dimensioni e peso
    Larghezza 563,2 mm
    Profondità 239,6 mm
    Altezza 524,9 mm
    Peso 7,1 kg
    Peso incluso imballo 9,5 kg
    Contenuto dell'imballo
    Cavi inclusi Audio (3.5mm), DisplayPort, DVI, USB
    Altre caratteristiche
    Consumo energia (modalità economica) 35 W
    Altri codici EAN: 4718755056512
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